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The following papers are accepted in J. of Stat. Phys., Mech. & Ind., CRAS méca or ESAIM:ProcS. 

Editors of these special issues : Stéphane Dellacherie, François Dubois, Stéphan Fauve and Renée Gatignol. And also with Dominique d'Humières for the special issue in J. Stat. Phys..

Journal of Statistical Physics

 Benzi R. and Biferale L.Homogeneous and isotropic turbulence: A short survey on recent developments.
 Bobylev A., Gamba I. and Potapenko I.On some properties of the Landau kinetic equation.
 Boghosian B.M., Johnson M. and Marcq J.A.An H theorem for Bolzmann's equation for the Yard-Sale model of asset exchange: The Gini coefficient as an H functional. 
 Boon J.P. and Lutsko J.F.Nonlinear theory of anomalous diffusion and application to Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy.
 de Rosis A., Ubertini F., Ubertini S. and Succi S.The role of hydrodynamics in the transfer of information among active agents.  Frapolli N., Chikatamarla S.S. and Karlin I., Simulations of heated bluff-bodies with the multi-speed entropic lattice Boltzmann method. 
 Herault J., Pétrélis F. and Fauve S., 1/(f^α) low frequency fluctuations in turbulent flows transitions with heavily tailed distributed interevent durations
 Mao Q. and Luo K.H.Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Sintering Dynamics of Many TiO2 Nanoparticles.
 Mazloomi M A., Chikatamarla S.S. and Karlin I.V.Simulation of droplets collisions using two-phase entropic lattice Boltzmann method.
 Montessori A.,Falcucci G., La Rocca M., Ansumali S. and Succi S.Three-dimensional lattice pseudo-potentials for multiphase flow simulations at high density ratios
 Scagliarini A., Sbragaglia M. and Bernaschi M.Mesoscopic simulation study of wall roughness effects in microchannel flows of dense emulsions. 
 Toth G. and Janosi I.M., Vorticity generation by rough walls in 2D decaying turbulence
 Stratford K., Gray A. and Lintuvuori J.S., Large colloids in cholosteric liquid crystals
 Zhang T., Shi B., Huang C. and Liang H.Pore-scale study of miscible displacements in porous media using lattice Boltzmann method.

Comptes-Rendus de Mécanique de l'Académie des sciences

 Biciusca T., Horga A. and Sofonea V.Simulation of liquid - vapour phase separation on GPUs using Lattice Boltzmann models with off-lattice velocity sets.
 Dubois F., Février T. and Graille B.Experimental stability of a relative velocity lattice Boltzmann scheme.
 Fu S.C., Yuen W.T., Wu C.L. and Chao C.Y.H.Finite Difference Lattice Boltzmann Simulation on Acoustics Induced Particle Deposition.
 Ginzburg I., Roux L. and Silva G.Local boundary reflections in Lattice Boltzmann schemes:  spurious boundary layers and their impact on the velocity, diffusion and dispersion.
 Otomo H., Fan H., Hazlett R., Li Y., Staroselsky I., Zhang R. and Chen H.Simulation of residual oil displacement in a sinusoidal channel with the lattice Boltzmann method.
 Silva G. and Ginzburg I.The permeability and quality of velocity field in a square array of solid and permeable cylindrical obstacles with TRT-LBM and FEM Brinkman schemes.
 Sun C., Pérot F., Zhang R., Lew P-T., Mann A., Gupta V., Freed D.M., Staroselsky I. and Chen H.Lattice Bolzmann formulation for flows with acoustic porous media
 Velasco A. and Munoz J.Study of Hydrodynamic instabilities with a Multiphase Lattice-Boltzmann Model.

Mechanics and Industry

 He X., Zhang X., Yang S., Zhu J. and Yan J.Experiment and Numerical Simulation of a Valveless Piezoelectric Micropump Applying Coanda Effect
 Nie X., Gundepalli V., Mu Y., Sungkorn R. and Toelke J.Numerical Investigation of Oil-Water Drainage and Imbibition in Digitized Sandstones
 Straka R.Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer in Packed Beds by Two Population Thermal Lattice Boltzmann Method.

ESAIM: Proceedings and Surveys

 Bösch F., Chikatamarla S. and Karlin I.Entropic multi-relaxation models for simulation of fluid turbulence.
 Dellacherie S., Jung J. and Omnes P.Preliminary results for the study of the Godunov Scheme Applied to the Linear Wave Equation with Porosity at Low Mach Number.
 Dellar P.Quantum lattice algorithms: Similarities and connections to some classic finite difference algorithms
 Dubois F., Lallemand P. and Tekitek M.M., Taylor expansion method for analyzing bounce-back boundary conditions for lattice Boltzmann method.
 Heubes D., Bartel A. and Ehrhardt M., Discrete Artificial Boundary Condition for the Lattice Boltzmann Method in 2D.
 Mohseni F., Mendoza M., Succi S. and Herrmann H.J., Cooling Effect of the Richtmyer-Meshkov Instability.